Calling with the Free Raisins at Glen Echo on 27 Jul 2012

It was a hot night, in all senses of the word. About 200 dancers ignored the heat (about 100), the humidty (about 80), the lack of air conditioning and the televising of the Olympic Games opening ceremony!

Band: The Free Raisins (Audrey Knuth: fiddle; Amy Englesberg: piano; Jeff Kaufman: mandolin, octave fiddle)
Dance: Cats and More Cats (improper) by Melanie Axel-Lute
A1 - Circle left 3/4, pass through, (next neighbor) allemande right 1.5 (to long wavy lines)
A2 - Balance and Rory o' More right, balance and Rory o' More left
B1 - (this) Neighbor balance and swing
B2 - Circle left 3/4, partner swing