Calling with Full Circle, Sharpes Assembly, Florida 2010

Sharpes Assembly is an annual dance weekend in Florida with a guest dance teacher/caller. In 2010 it was me!
Band: Full Circle (Veronica Lane: flute, whistles, and EWI, an electronic wind instrument, essentially a large recorder / synthesizer combination; Ted Lane: guitar)

Dance 1 (starts 00:00): Cuckolds All Arow (two-couple square) Playford 1651, interpreted by Michael Barraclough, c1970 A1/2 - couples forward & back twice
B1 - corkscrew with opposite
B2 - corkscrew with partner
A3/4 - partner siding right, opposite siding right
B3 - men change [1-2], ladies change [3-4], circle left [5-8]
B4 - ladies change [1-2], men change [3-4], circle left [5-8]
A5/6 - partner arm right, opposite arm left
B5 - Men push opposite straight back (man ends in her place) [1-2], face back in (man pivots helping opposite into her original partner's place) [3-4], men cast off right (back to this place), ladies following (back to their place) [5-8]
B6 - Men push partner straight back (man ends in her place) [1-2], face back in (man pivots helping partner into her original place) [3-4], men cast off left (back to this place), ladies following (back to their place) [5-8]

Dance 2 (starts 01:32): Hurly Burly (longways duple proper) Walsh 1713, interpreted by Michael Barraclough, c1970 A1 - 1st corners two-hand turn, 2nd corners two-hand turn
A2 - men lead through the ladies and cast back to place, ladies lead through the men and cast back to place
B1 - Fall into a row (men above, ladies below, facing partner up and down in the centre) [1-2], foot it (4 times) [3-4], Hall into your partner's place [5-6], foot it (4 times) [7-8]
B2 - circle left ½, turn your partner until "done"

Dance 3 (starts 03:51): Molly Andrew (sicillian circle) by Chris Sackett & Brooke Friendly, 1998
A1 - 1s half-figure through 2s [1-4], opposites mirror turn (ladies left, men right, 1s between 2s) [5-8], 2s half-figure round 1s (going outside to start) [9-12], opposites mirror turn (M2/L1 left, M1/L2 right, 1s between 2s) [13-16]
B1 - opposites mirror back-to-back (1s between 2s, taking hands going through) [1-4], circle left [5-8], men (right diagonal) swap [9-10], ladies (left diagonal) swap [11-12], partner two-hand turn (open out to face nect couple) [13-16]

Dance 4 (starts 01:32): Whiskey Before Dinner (longways duple improper) by Gary Roodman, 2005
A1 - Star right ½ [1-2], ladies cross [3], men cross [4]
A2 - circle left ½ [1-2], neighbour (along the line) back-to-back ¾ (end in a wavy line, men in the centre, 1s facing up, 2s facing down) [3-4]
B1 - set R & L (R LR LR L RL RL) [1-2], men right-hand turn ½ [3], ladies right-hand turn ½ (end facing partner) [4]
B2 - set R & L (R LR LR L RL RL) [1-2], pass partner right [3], men pass left, ladies turning single to face out [4]
C1 - neighbour lead out, turn inward, lead back, pass through, turn individually to face
C2 - rights & lefts (4 changes, with hands, start partner right, 3 steps per change)

Dance 5 (starts 07:57): Mutual Love (longways duple proper) TV version
A1 - men (hands joined, 1st man leading) dance (cw) around the ladies, partner two-hand turn
A2 - ladies (hands joined, 1st lady leading) dance (ccw) around the men, partner two-hand turn
B1 - star right, star left
B2 - 1s lead down [1-4], 1s skip up [5-6], 1s cast [2s moving up) [7-8]