Manchester August 2011

We spent a few days in Manchester on the way back from Lanzarote so that we could visit Michael's son Timothy and his fiancée Natalie before they went to Cyprus to get married.

Much of the rest of the time in Manchester was spent shopping, walking everywhere, and visiting art museums in bloody freezing cold and wet weather! The weather change was a big shock, and Rhonda came home with a cold in the middle of summer. On the shopping list were socks and underpants for Michael (they are just so much better and cheaper there) and a Radley leather handbag for Rhonda, this one in shocking pink. We were amazed and a little scared to discover on our return to the USA that many of the shops we had visited just 24 hrs before had suffered looting and damage during the 'riots' that took place there. Rhonda says Mancunians are way too nice to have had that happen to them!